About Us

Dear Football Fans, 

We are Football Shirt Passion, a football shirt company based in The Netherlands, that sells official used and new football shirts and jackets.

From an early age we were fascinated by this game called football. From the match itself to everything around it; the atmosphere, the goosebumps, the bal hitting the net. We were and still are enormously addicted to football.

For us football was and is one of the most beautiful things in the world, from an early age we wanted to be able to always ‘surround’ ourselves with football. So we started collecting football shirts, for us the most powerful objects connected to football. A football shirt embraces everything football is; passion, fans, players, heartbreak, and above all loyalty. 

At FSP we truly believe in the power of the football world. In this world, every football fan has their own story. From cheering for their club to being there in the worst of times; we all have different emotions and feelings while experiencing football. FSP strives to provide you with football apparel that can connect to those emotions and feelings, that is why we say…

‘Wear YOUR Story’

From football fans,

– Football Shirts Passion